Exchange Group

Exchange group in CER is designed to lower the amount of unused internship offers and also to provide higher quality internships in our region. Currently, our main project is Exchange Session which we hope that will take place on one of the following CEC’s. Apart than that, on high list of priorities is also the international companies list. With which we try to encourage IAESTE members to approach companies that are collaborating with IAESTE in at least one country of our region already – in purpose of starting the new collaboration in some other country. We have also started recently working on collecting Exchange and Jobraising reports from our member countries, to better understand how each IAESTE country works. Online meetings usually happen every 1-2 months to discuss most important topics currently happening in our region.

PR Group

CER PR working group involves the PR coordinators of each CER country. In the group we each share country updates, share ideas and discuss topics regarding CER as a whole. The benefit of this work group is mutual learning and sharing of PR content, thus improving the region as a whole. Meeting are regularly held every 1-2 months.

Online Workshops

In near future, we are planning to hold online workshops on various topics people are interested in. This will be done in cooperation with the Connect Region under the name “Connect Forum”.

The Connect Forum is a gathering of IAESTE countries for the exchange of ideas, experiences and points of view. The Forum is an arena for the member countries to discuss, cooperate and learn on equal ground.

The Connect Forum is also a platform for starting new international IAESTE projects and cooperations across national borders.

Like the name indicates, the Forum originates from the Connect Region (CoRe) and Central European Region (CER). This does not mean that the Forum limits its members to these regions, and countries from all over the world are represented.

For any questions or inquiries regarding the Connect Forum, please contact the Central European and Connect Region Management Teams at [email protected]  and [email protected].

How to address more outgoing students

This project was first aimed to attract more students to fill in all the internships created by IAESTE. During the corona, the project spread to another topic as the team decided to work on the connection between various LCs that have similar problems so they can discuss and find potential solutions.

Exchange project

The project is focused to improve exchange in CER Member countries through discussion and knowledge sharing. The main goals are to increase involvement and solve local problems in Exchange and share knowledge and ideas.


This project is aimed as a platform that will have a calendar of summer events, member country information, general travel tips for Summer reception. It is aimed to make the summer program reception better through the connection between trainees and summer coordinators.

Alumni project

The idea of this project is to have all Alumni members in one place and connect with them nationally and internationally.